Volume 3 | Issue 1

1.  Open Banking Concept in India By- Nikita Mistry

2. Cross Border Merger Policies in Indian Business By- Aditya Rao

3. Child Abuse and Pornography Vis-a-Vis Right to Free Speech and Recent Trends By- Ritika Kanwar

4. A Study of the Concept of Sedition in Indian Penal Code of 1860 By- Nanda Prasad

5. There are both Advantages and Disadvantages of using Capital Punishment in the Criminal Justice System. Is there a time and reason for it? By- Nanda Prasad

6. Is a Waiver During an Emergency- A Requisite? By- Meghna S Nedumpurathu

7. Introduction of a Jury-Like System to achieve Judicial Diversity in India- Harmonization of Merit and Representation By- Aditi Gupta & Pabitra Mohan Panda

8. Case Comment: Mahesh Chand Sharma v. Rajkumari Sharma and Ors. AIR 1996 SC 869 By- Vanshika Singh Jaiswal

9. Protest as Means of Justice or a Tool for Vandalism By- Kushal Mishra & Nikhil Kumar Singh

10. Psychosocial Rehabilitation in the Background of Democratic Policing and Police Related Mental Health Interventions By- Hemin V. V.

11. Custodial Torture of the Under-Trial Prisoners: A Human Right Perspective By- Dichen Bhutia

12. Laws and Regulations Governing Companies using Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain By- Parth Rastogi

13. Section 132 and the Right against Self Incrimination: A Critical Analysis By- Pratibha Mishra & Shrishti Verma

14. Victim Oriented Approach for Survivors of Rape and Acid Attack in India By- Rishika Anand

15. Open Prison System: A Need for the Growth and Advancement By- Vaishnavi Rastogi

16. A Report on Contemporary Challenges as well as Threats to the Indian Economy By- Poonam Mohapatra & Dr. Snigdha Sarkar

17. Understanding Directive Principles of State Policy and Relevance in the Current times By- Shloka Mathur

18. Mergers & Acquisitions: Role of Intellectual Property By- Kushagra Verma

19. Critical Analysis of the Impact of Information Technology in ICA By- K. Swesthiga


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