Volume 2 | Issue 4

 1. Understanding Russia Versus Ukraine Conflict in Reference to Public International Relation and Law Vis-a-Vis Ancient Indian Jurisprudence in relation to intersectionality between Humanitarian Law and Human Rights By- Shailja Khosla

2. The Age-Old Blitzkrieg of the Balkans: Re-Writing the Truces? By- Dibya Prakash Lahiri

3. Privacy Issues Threatening the use of Popular Mobile Apps By- Astitva Vatsa & Medha Rudra

4. Tying the Knot after 21- A Contentious Opportunity By- Diya Gaur

5. Celebrity Rights: Protection under IPR Regime By- Rinkal Goyal

6. Energy Infrastructure and Quest for Environment Protection: A Study of Legislative Frameworks By- Keshav Jha

7. Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Information Technology Act, 2000 in India: A Critical Analysis By- Kavitha Christo Nelson

8. Case Comment: Ratanlal Chunilal Samsuka v. Sundarabai Govardhandas Samsuka (Dead) Through Legal Representatives and Ors. By- Anarghya Udupa

9. The Role of Social Media Platforms in Controlling Information and Misinformation By- Raawiah Mansoor

10. PIRP Process for MSMEs Under IBC: Issues & Challenges By- Yogesh Thakur

11. A Note on Tendering Shares in Open Offers: Analysis within legal Perspectives By- Arryan Mohanty

12. Doctrine of Work for Hire- Analysis through U.K, U.S. & Indian Case Laws By- Ishika Agrawal

13. A Comparative Study of Right to Health in India and U.S.A. By- Charu Atri

14. Encounter Politics: A Series Violation of Human Rights By- Adeeb Kafeel M & Abhishek Johnson

15. Fraudulent Practices under the Garb of Corporate Social Responsibility in India and What can be done to curb this Menace By- Swareena Pokley

16. Legal Validity and Economic Analysis of the Private Reservation Act of Haryana By- Vaibhav Nishad & Palak Yadav

17. India's Quandary over Recognition of Emergency Arbitration: An Ongoing Saga By- Rahul Mahajan & Bhumika Khandelwal

18. Sustainability and Plaint Variety Protection: A Challenge to Balance Equilibrium By- Rahul Mahajan & Umang Motiyani

19. An Insight of AI into Law Field By- Aarushi Chhaparia

20. Zee- Invesco Tussle: Growing Shareholder Activism in India By- Shashwat Jain

21. Types of Will under the Hindu Succession Act By- Yatri Trivedi

22. Commuters' Rights and Public Protest By- Mohit R Pise

23. Admissibility of Secondary Evidence in Commercial Transactions in Court of Law By- Nikita Mistry

24. Cybercrime Investigation Challenges By- Divyanshu Devang

25. Filicide and Law: A Comparative Critique By- Christie Merin Manoj & Ashish Singh Taank

26. Cyberterrorism By- Shrey Arora, Neha Maheshwari & Raneeta Pal

27. Theoretical Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights in India By- Divya Jangra & Neha Maheshwari

28. Prominence of OTT Platforms in the Legal Landscape By- Vaishnavi Viswanath & Adhikarla Shraddha

29. Discharge of Contracts under UK Contract Law By- Sama Praneetha

30. Debating the Contours of Right to Health By- Priyanka Yadav

31. Increased Marriageable Age of Women: Progress or Regress in the Society By- Durba Chowdhury

32. Mapping the evolution of Marital Rape Laws of the UK, USA and Australia and the Lessons for India to be Learnt By- Prarthna Nanda & Prashant Mishra

33. Is Elon Musk's Absolute Free Speech Campaign Possible in India? By- Ayshwarya K

34. Olga Tellis and Ors v. Bombay Municipal Corporation 1985- Recognition of Right to Livelihood and Right to Shelter By- Soham M Sakpal

35. Changing Data Privacy Landscape in India By- Shreya Goswami & Atri Chattopadhyay

36. Multiparty Agreements on Interconnected Agreements in Arbitration Law in the Light of Decided Cases by the Apex Court By- Rohit Katara & Vanshika Gupta

37. Protecting the Surety in Contracts of Guarantee- A Review By- Mallar Mitra

38. Case Comment: Lasalgaon Merchant Co-operative Bank Ltd. v. M/S. Prabhudas Hithibhai By- Anavi Jain

39. Obscenity: The Modern World and the Contemporary World By- Anurag Maurya & Lakshya Tewari

40. Right to Food in India with a Constitutional Analysis By- Cyril Scaria Chacko

41. “Arbitrability” as a Roadblock to its Destiny, Arbitration as a Dispute Resolution Mechanism under IPR Disputes By- Shivam Parmar

42. Case Analysis of Mohori Bibi v. Dharmodas Ghose (1903) By- Shrishti Pansari

43. Manual Scavenging: A Comprehensive Study By- Abhay Dixit

44. The Interdisciplinary Genre of Law and Literature and Shakespeare with his Reference to Law By- Debadrita Basu

45. A Study of Defences used by Lawyers Against Criminal Liability in Nepal By- Aakriti Subedi

46. Missing Souls of the Judiciary By- Bhawna Shah

47. Protection of Live-In Couples: A Socio-Legal Perspective By- Mayank Singhal & Naman Jain

48. Protection of Intellectual Property with the help of the Non-Disclosure Agreement By- Kabeer Jaiswal

49. Human Rights Perspective in UN Charter By- Nitesh Kumar

50. Mediation in Family Disputes: Identifying the Loopholes By- Pranjal Singh & Aditya Nandan Tiwari

51. A Primer on the Indian Tax Policy during Covid By- Achintya Sharma

52. Technological Challenges Vis a Vis Securities Market By- Apoorv Mishra

53. Women-Centric Laws: Is it time for Gender-Neutrality in the Laws? By- Sakhamuri. PoornaSindhu

54. Audit Committee: And its Importance in accordance with Company Law By- Vindhaya M Aggarwal & Priyam Tiwari


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