Volume 2 | Issue 3

1. Implementation of Uniform Civil Code By- Youkteshwari Prasad

2. Uniform Civil Code: Associate Neglected Constitutional Imperative By- Deeksha Shrivastava

3. A Critical Appraisal of Arbitration in India By- Chaitanya Thakur & Rian Gupta

4. The Coalescence between Corporate Lobbying and CSR By- Sakshi Shankar

5. International Evolution of the Crime of Genocide By- Malika Jain

6. Analysis of Procedural Safeguards to Victim under the POCSO Act By- Harshita Dubey

7. Trajectory of Cases to Determine What are the Employment Opportunities for Women in the Public Sphere By- Anushka Rohilla

8. Constitutionality of Attempt to Commit Suicide with Specific Reference to Mental Health Care Act 2017- A Brief Analysis By- Ronak Pattanaik & Satya Narayan Pradhan

9. Honour Killing By- Suhasini Tahiliani & Devanshi Jain

10. Permanent Commission for Female Armed Force Officers (The Secretary, Ministry of Defence v. Babita Puniya & Ors.) By- Aishwary Thapliyal

11. Delving into Marital Rape- A Never-Ending Bone of Contention By- Devansh Ganatra

12. Proselytism: The Indian Perspective By- Emy Elizabeth Saiju

13. Unconventional Trademark By- Shaurya Kohli

14. The Goan Civil Code: A Great Success or a Steep Failure? By- Kratee Aggarwal & Sunidhi Agrahari

15. Understanding the Complexities of Advertising in the Legal Profession: Why Lawyers in India cannot advertise their Services By- Sumreet Kaur

16. Analysis of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 By- Tushar Patidar

17. Increasing access to justice & promoting diversity through Artificial Intelligence in Law By- Eeshaan

18. Importance of Workers Participation in Management By-Ishita Jain & Ranu Sharma

19. Population Control Policies: A Road Towards Doom or Dawn? By- Adhishree Nolkha & Tushar Jain

20. Right to Property and March of Law By- Abdul Raheman Sudes

21. Capital Budgeting in Law of Corporate Finance By- Chinmayee Smrutipragyan Nayak

22. Revisiting Consideration as an Essential in Law of Contracts By- Amritanshu Pushkar & Shruti Suman

23. Claim of Juvenility: An Escape Route to Avoid Justice By- Misbah Shan

24. National Treatment under The Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMS) By- Sachin Mintri

25. A Critical Appraisal of Massimilano Latorre and Others v. Union of India And Others Vis-A-Vis Compensatory Jurisprudence By- Dr. Sunaina

26. Global Perspective of Israel and Palestine Issue By- Shaurya Kohli

27. Analysing Uniform Civil Code and its Alternative By- Dibya Ranjan Swain

28. Is Special Status given under Article 370 in Consonance with Rights Mentioned under Article 35A By- Avantika Singh

29. Admissibility of Dying Declarations in Criminal Courts: A Case Analysis By- Harleen Kaur Rait

30. Law and Literature: An Unavoidable Relationship By- Uzairulla Khan

31. Data Unsought is Good, But given Unsought is Better- Do we require a Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory Licensing System for Big Datasets in the Information Age? By- Sarvagya Chitranshi

32. Book Review Article: ‘Constructive Programme’ (It’sMeaning and Place) By: M.K. Gandhi By- Yash Kothari

33. An Earnest Approach towards Development: Paradigm Shift in the Grundnorm By- Fariya Sharaf & Siddharth Anand

34. Critical Analysis on the Impact of Coalition Politics on the Indian Parliamentary System By- Rukmani Sachdeva

35. Socioeconomic Rights are Human Rights: Critical Analysis By- Ananya Gogoi & Panchami Khaund

36. Freedom of Press in India: A Legal Analysis By- Preksha R Lalwani

37. The Ambiguity of ‘Obscenity’ under Indian Law & its Impact on the Entertainment Industry By- Nisha Sujeet Modak

38. Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2020: An Stigma for the NGOs with regard to the renewal of the Licenses By- Nitin Srinivas J

39. Cyber Harassment: A Modern Form of Violence against Women By- Sanjana Saha

40. Constitutive Perspective on the Right to Die with Dignity By- Nabeel Masood

41. Role of Competition Law in Regulating Mergers and Acquisitions By- Apoorv Mishra

42. The Mechanism of ADRs- Need of the Hour By- Priyanshu Kumar Tripathy

43. Skill Versus Privacy: Who Owns a Photo, A Paparazzi or a Celebrity? By- Hardik Jain

44. The Right Against Exploitation: A Failure of Idealism of Law By- Raveena R. Savadi & Jovita J.

45. Impact of Covid-19 on Fundamental Rights By- Adarsh Kashyap

46. Deciphering the notion of Fraud and Arbitration By- Youkteshwari Prasad

47. Marital Rape: A Stigma to the Indian Society By- Suman Laskar

48. Impact of Globalisation on Human Trafficking in India: Case Study of the Northeastern Regions of India By- Neha Mittal & Manu Mishra

49. Separation of Power: A Critical Analysis on the Judiciary's Involvement with Policy Matters of the Government By- Anakha Hari

50. Globalization and Evolution of Environmental Law In India By- Apoorva Singh

51. Constitutional Court as Legislator- Analysis of T.N. Godavarman Case By- Vikash Kumar

52. TRIPS Waiver: A Solution to Global Vaccine Disparity By- Shagun Mittal & Sugam Agrawal

53. Marital Rape: An Unrecognised Crime By- Sakshi Saxena & Tanisha Gawde

54. The Choppy Waters for Canons over OTT Platforms By- Hrishikesh Bedi & Shrija Singh

55. Hit the Crime not the Criminal By- Harshit Raj

56. Intellectual Property Protection in Cloud Computing and role of Internet of Things (IOT) in Bioinformatics By-  Aranya Nath, Shreeja Shyama Praharaj & Antara Paral

57. An Analysis of International Adjudication Authority in War Crimes with Specific Reference to Russia and Ukraine By- M. Abinaya & P. Ragu Balan

58. Censorship of OTT Platforms: The Conundrum in the Regulation and the Way Forward By- Ishita Goyal

59. Raising the Legal Age for Women: Prohibition of Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill 2021 By- Jayashre E

60. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines- The Need of an Hour By- Shreyas N

61. Morality and Law: Is Kelsen's 'Grund-Norm' Merely a Moral Norm? By- Parth Parikh

62. The Paradox of Essential Practices Doctrine under Constitutional Theory By- Charu Atri

63. Mediation Bill, 2021: An Old Wine in a New Bottle? By- Varun Chetan Chikhale

64. Cybercrime and Social Media Relationships By- Rohan Singh

65. Need for Data Exclusivity Law In India: A Study By- Rachna R Kurup

66. Custodial Violence in India: Its Impact and Recommendations By- Bhavay Malhotra & Manav Bhalla

67. Patent Illegality- Ground to set aside Domestic Award By- Bhavay Malhotra

68. Guardianship under Hindu Law By- Neelakshi & Ayush Dutt Tripathi

69. A Study on Intellectual Property Rights in Research and Development on Engineering Ethics and Efficacy By- D. Deva & S. Uma Maheswari

70. Impact of Historical Factors on the formation of Federalism: India and Canada By- Komal Pandey

71. Constitutional Perspective on Reproductive Right and Sex Selection By- Trisandhya

72. Demystifying Proxy Advisory Firms in India By- Amitabh Abhijit & Adarsh Kashyap

73. Privacy and Surveillance: A Marriage made in Neo-Liberal Heaven By- Apala Vatsa

74. Liability of the Intermediaries By- Ankit

75. Copyright Infringement in the era of Social Media By- Nishita Kirty

76. Potential Warfare: The Optics and Adversities of AI in the Military of the International Plane By- Jatin Karela & Yaksh Bhakhand

77. Multi-Facet Devastating Impact of Pornography in India: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to Law By- Navdeep Kour & Kartik Sharma

78. Trans-Border Data Flows in Technology Transfers By- Aranya Nath, Sweta Pal & Antara Paral

79. Need to Reform under National Laws on Epidemic/Pandemic: Legal Analysis of Situation of Covid-19 By- Mohammad Asif

80. Delegated Legislation in India By- Ankita Rani

81. Comparative Study: Principles of Administrative Law with Ancient Indian Philosophy By- Pratibha Kumari

82. Marital Rape: A Non-Criminalized Crime in India By- Divya Singh

83. Comparative Analysis: Westinghouse Saxby Judgement and Shiroki Auto-Components Judgement By- Gargi Choudhari

84. Freedom to Speech and Expression By- Ishwar Mohan Jaiswal

85. Online Dispute Resolution Process in Contemporary Era By- Gayathri. K

86. Transfer of Sovereignty: An Analysis from the Perspective of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its Contemporary Relevance By- Raghav Sharma & Monish Patwa

87. Why ADR should be better involved in the Laborious Judicial System: Indian Scenario By- Twinkle Shaji

88. Public Interest Foundation v. Union of India: A Severe Blow to Criminal Politics? By- Palak Agrawal & Shivansh Pandey

89. An Analysis of Legislative-Judicial Cooperation in Combating Air Pollution in India By- Sachin Yadav & Pallavi Lakhera

90. Cause of Action: Definition & Role in Civil Proceedings By- Abhishek Arul & Srijita Chattopadhyay

91. Confidentiality as a Standard of Care By- Simran Arora

92. Judicial Intervention in the Arbitral Proceedings By- Niharika Gupta

93. Rights of Surrogate Mothers in Commercial Surrogacy By- Nandu Dawn

94. Freedom of Press and Electronic Media in India By- Soumya Singh

95. An Analysis of Fair Hearing During Covid-19 Pandemic in India By- Shashwata Sahu

96. How India Regulates its Medicine? An overview of the Prevalent Medicinal Laws of the Country By- Siddharth Alok

97. Method of ADR in Resolution of Intellectual Property Dispute By- Sreejan Pankaj

98. Women's Rights in Afghanistan: Unfolding the 2021 Taliban Invasion and Analysing the Aftermath By- Anaya Mapari, Utkarsh Bhushan Pandey & Harshit Upadhyay

99. Rules of Inheritance to Female's Property By- Aashi Prakash

100. Legalization of Abortion: Legal and Ethical Aspects By- Kumar Yuvraj

101. Impact of Pre And Post Corporate Social Responsibility Mandate on Indian Corporate Sector By- Meenakshi Gupta

102. International Arbitration acting as a Source to Overcome the problems in Financial Institutions By- Ilakkiya Kamaraj

103. Disability Inclusion and Access to Justice: An Analysis of Judicial Innovations and Opinions During Covid-19 Times By- Arunima Samanta

104. A Conceptual Analysis of Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) By- Molshree Totla & Gauri Sharma

105. Abrogation of Article 370 By- Aditi Shakya & Shreya Dubey

106. Demonetisation and its Effects on Banking Sector By- Theertha. K & Sruthi. S

107. Centre-State Disputes: Article 131 and the need to Introspect By- Arjita Chaturvedi

108. Increasing Access to International Arbitration By- Yashi Agarwal & Avani Dwivedi

109. Law Relating to Digital Identity Theft in India and its Invasion of Privacy By- Adv. Narmada Singh

110. Understanding the Issues of Scientific Evidence in Digital Forensics By- Shivansh Gupta

111. Effectiveness of Special Courts under the POCSO Act in Efficacious Disposal of Cases By- Ankita Jakhmola

112. India- Pakistan Relations: An Ideological Conflict Making Indian Foreign Policies go Down in Flames By- Sriradha Rai Choudhuri

113. Why Child are Victimised to Sexual Offences with Special References to Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO Act) By- Dr. Arti Sharma & Vrinda Sharma

114. A Study of Arbitration & various Mechanisms By- Sanjiv Kumar

115. A Comprehensive Study of Geneva Convention By- Sonakshi Singh

116. Judicial Review of Policy Decisions in India By- Eshita Pallavi

117. Sustainable Financing and Role of Green Bonds By- Shreya Khandelwal

118. The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act 2022- What, Why & Issues? By- Samik Mukherjee & Satyanand Dey

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