Volume 2 | Issue 2

 1. Analysis of the Fundamental Changes in Consumer Protection Act, 2019 By- Lara Joanna Macedo Borges

2. Analysis of Cooling Period under Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955: Observance in the case of Amardeep Singh v. Harveen Kaur By- Saloni Kaushik

3. An Anecdote of Arbitration Law in India By- Sakshi Saxena & Rahul Kumar Kumavat

4. 2013 Mumbai Gang Rape: Shakti Mills Gang Rape By- Sharanya Chakraborty

5. Clarity between Seat and Venue in Arbitration By- Shampa De

6. The Problematic Concept of Marital Rape By- Anaita Vas

7. Corporate Criminology By- Astha Deep & Abha Singhal

8. Is India ready for the growth of Sports Betting? By- Nimish Mundra

9. Multimedia Protection under Copyright Law By- Aaditya Madhumeeth

10. Human Rights and Refugee Law: An Analysis of Status of Refugees in India By- Srushti Shivaji Gosavi

11. How the Enron Corporate Accounting Fraud led to the Failure of the Corporate Governance Mechanism By- Kartik Baijal

12. Biotechnology Patenting By- Bhavana J

13. Is usage of Intellectual Property Rights, ethical in Medical Research? By- Anubhav Lamba

14. Charlie Hebdo and Freedom of Speech & Expression By- Sanidhya Somvanshee

15. Critical Analysis on Capital Punishment By- Aayushi Gaur

16. Judicial Activism in India By- Shashank Shekhar

17. No Honour in Honour Killings: Comparative Appraisal of Indian Laws of Crime Against Women By- Samriddhi Rai

18. Case Comment: Sonu Kushwaha v. State of UP By- Yash Singh

19. Intellectual Property Rights in Automotive Industry By- Yuvraj Singh

20. Intellectual Property Rights Law Protection of Indigenous Knowledge By- Aditya Vemulakonda

21. A Brief Study on Napster Case and its impact on Modern World By- Vaidehi Ajith Prabhav

22. Scientific Tests and their Admissibility in Indian Criminal Justice System By- Sandeep Rana

23. Permanent Lok Adalats: A Hybrid Mechanism of Reconciliation and Adjudication By- Kartik Joshi

24. Globalisation and World Economy How far the Resileance can go? By- Mansi Joshi

25. A Critical Analysis of Violence in Sports and Problems Associated with Criminal Prosecution in United States and Canada By- Tanusmita Debnath

26. Globalization of Corporate Governance in India By- Anjali Singh

27. Pharmaceutical Patenting in India: An Analysis By- Tvisha Gupta

28. Why Sedition Law is Important? By- Deepti Dwivedi & Himanshi Shukla

29. Importance of Examination of Witness in the law Courts- Different Types of Examination with its Pros and Cons By- Avijit Singh

30. Cryptocurrency and India By- Sachhi Sinha

31. Property Rights of Women in India: What Every Indian Must Know By- Muskan

32. Comparative Analysis of Managerial Remuneration By- Romit Jain & Shivam Dubey

33. Marriage and Divorce under Muslim Law By- Hasan Atif

34. Case Comment on Madhav v. State of Madhya Pradesh By- Ravishta Das

35. Evaluating the 'Space' and 'time' proximity criteria in Tort Law By- Nupur Barman

36. Custodial Deaths and Violence: A Blow to Human Rights By- Kavya Dixit

37. Revisiting Solomon's Case: A Decision that needs to be critically Relooked, Reviewed and Analysed By- Madhumitha L

38. Article 21 and Euthanasia- The Unsolved Debate on Euthanasia in India By- Vedika Goel

39. Development of intellectual Property Rights in India By- Rohan Gupta

40. Does the Indian Constitution requires Transformation? Amendments but not complete Replacement By- Anushka Rohilla

41. Tribal Communities in the face of Coerced Religious Conversions By- Kanishka Sharma & Nikhil Tulsyani

42. Case Comment on Needle Industries (India) v. Needle Industries Newey Holding Ltd. By- Devansh Singh 

43. Interim Relief: A Determining Factor for Indian Parties choosing a Foreign Seat By- Ananya Mohapatra & Devu Sai Ruchitha

44. Effect on Crime Amidst and Post the Era of Covid-19 Lockdown By- Sukriti Verma

45. Capital Punishment- "The Solution" to stop the Heinous Crime? By- Srishti Sinha & Yashika Mishra

46. An Inclusive Approach: A Tale of Discrimination, Equality & Opportunity (The LGBTQIA+ questions Labour Laws) By- J. Tanisha

47. A Recast of Gender Inequality into Genders-In-Equality By- Divyasri Jaganathan

48. A Study on the Role of Forensic Science in Investigation of Crimes By- Rohit Kumar Soni

49. Indian Media from Watchdog to Lapdog By- Sakshi Soni

50. Share Market Investing or Gambling? By- Pushkar Singh

51. An In-Depth Analysis of the Pardoning Power of the President By- Shivansh Dwivedi

52. Should Violent Video Games be Banned in India? By- Bhagesh Gupta


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