Volume 2 | Issue 1

1. International Commercial Law: Letter of Credit and its Types By- Samridhi Bhatt

2. Maintenance and Alimony under the Criminal Procedure Code and various Personal Laws By- Mansi Sharma

3. Mediation in Prosecution of Juvenile Offenders By- Mansi Uniyal

4. Whether OTT Platforms be regulated by Law in India By- Dropta Hudda

5. Juvenile Justice in India (2015) By- Ratakonda Srivalli Chowdary

6. Tenancy Agreement during Covid-19: The "Force Majeure" Clause By- Vishali Sivagnanam & Riya Lal

7. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law By- Chelsi Agarwal

8. Tracing the Development of Judicial Appointment in India By- Maruti Nandan

9. Inheritance- The Landmark Area Creating Gender Equality for Female By- Vedika Dhawan

10. Nikah is not a Sacrament but purely a Civil Contract? By- Aman Gupta

11. The Conflict between "Caveat Emptor" and "as is where is Basis"- An Analysis of Haryana Financial Corporation and Anr. v. Rajesh Gupta By- Sharanya Bhattacharya

12. The Retrospective Angle of Indian Tax Law: The Vodafone Case By- Ankit Anand

13. Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in Growth and Development of Business By- Jalaj Govil

14. Pegasus Controversy By- Panya Sethi

15. Mob Lynching- A Peril to our Legal System By- Adarsh Kumar Lohia

16. Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Speedy Justice Delivery System By- Arnav Mathur & Ayush Pandey

17. Case Comment on Jaishri Laxmanrao Patil v. The Chief Minister & Anr. By- Satyam Dwivedi & Harshika Chauhan

18. Role of Women in Environment Protection By- Rashi Sunder

19. Protection of Consumers Data and Privacy- The Most Pertinent Consumer Protection Need in India By- Roshni Rajani, Suyash Sisodia & Raghavendra Pai

20. Medical Negligence due to Covid-19 By- Shruti Gyanchand Pal

21. Evaluation of Contingent Liability with Reference to India and the U.K. By- Deepti Rathi

22. Case Comment on Independent Thoughts v Union of India By- Jyotsana Singh & Rushank Shah

23. The Mechanism of Confession in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 By- Abhishek Bhardwaj, Suvansh Majmudar & Arnab Pal

24. The Lawyer at the Moon: Environmental Personality Exploration for Celestial Bodies By- Riddhi Kapadni

25. Scope of Article 17 of the Constitution (Abolition of Untouchability) By- Priyanshu Jain

26. E-Wallets & Cryptocurrency: Undeniable Crowdpleaser of Commercial Enterprise By- Debmalya Biswas & Agniva Maiti

27. Analysing Contours of Laws involved in Merger and Acquisition By- Nikita Khanna

28. IT Rules 2021 and the Challenge faced by Social Media Platforms By- Nikhil S. Javali & Pratikshya Mohanty

29. Wrongful Convictions: How can the State undo the Harm By- Jahnvi Sharma & Swaranjali Kapoor

30. Animal Rights in India: An Overview By- Priya Kumari

31. The Importance of Good Corporate Governance in Crisis Management: A Study of the Tylenol Crisis of 1982 By- Sweta Maiti

32. A Critical Analysis of the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961 By- Arzoo Singh

33. Role of Constitutional Institutions in Taming Down Misuse of Article 356 By- Aryan Birewar

34. Delegated Legislation and its Impact on Future Prospects By- Arpita Tripathy & Satabdi Gupta

35. Bertillon System: Past and Present By- Nishtha Sharma

36. Precedent: A Study By- Veer Arora

37. The Active Role of Judiciary in Administrative Actions By- Sonakshi Chinda & Kirti Lal

38. Role of Judiciary in Upholding Gender Equality in Muslim Laws By- Nilanjana Banerjee

39. Private Defence in India By- Bhanu Pant & Chetna Jain