Volume 2 | Issue 1

1. International Commercial Law: Letter of Credit and its Types By- Samridhi Bhatt

2. Maintenance and Alimony under the Criminal Procedure Code and various Personal Laws By- Mansi Sharma

3. Mediation in Prosecution of Juvenile Offenders By- Mansi Uniyal

4. Whether OTT Platforms be regulated by Law in India By- Dropta Hudda

5. Juvenile Justice in India (2015) By- Ratakonda Srivalli Chowdary

6. Tenancy Agreement during Covid-19: The "Force Majeure" Clause By- Vishali Sivagnanam & Riya Lal

7. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law By- Chelsi Agarwal

8. Tracing the Development of Judicial Appointment in India By- Maruti Nandan

9. Inheritance- The Landmark Area Creating Gender Equality for Female By- Vedika Dhawan

10. Nikah is not a Sacrament but purely a Civil Contract? By- Aman Gupta

11. The Conflict between "Caveat Emptor" and "as is where is Basis"- An Analysis of Haryana Financial Corporation and Anr. v. Rajesh Gupta By- Sharanya Bhattacharya

12. The Retrospective Angle of Indian Tax Law: The Vodafone Case By- Ankit Anand

13. Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in Growth and Development of Business By- Jalaj Govil

14. Pegasus Controversy By- Panya Sethi

15. Mob Lynching- A Peril to our Legal System By- Adarsh Kumar Lohia

16. Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Speedy Justice Delivery System By- Arnav Mathur & Ayush Pandey

17. Case Comment on Jaishri Laxmanrao Patil v. The Chief Minister & Anr. By- Satyam Dwivedi & Harshika Chauhan

18. Role of Women in Environment Protection By- Rashi Sunder

19. Protection of Consumers Data and Privacy- The Most Pertinent Consumer Protection Need in India By- Roshni Rajani, Suyash Sisodia & Raghavendra Pai

20. Medical Negligence due to Covid-19 By- Shruti Gyanchand Pal

21. Evaluation of Contingent Liability with Reference to India and the U.K. By- Deepti Rathi

22. Case Comment on Independent Thoughts v Union of India By- Jyotsana Singh & Rushank Shah

23. The Mechanism of Confession in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 By- Abhishek Bhardwaj, Suvansh Majmudar & Arnab Pal

24. The Lawyer at the Moon: Environmental Personality Exploration for Celestial Bodies By- Riddhi Kapadni

25. Scope of Article 17 of the Constitution (Abolition of Untouchability) By- Priyanshu Jain

26. E-Wallets & Cryptocurrency: Undeniable Crowdpleaser of Commercial Enterprise By- Debmalya Biswas & Agniva Maiti

27. Analysing Contours of Laws involved in Merger and Acquisition By- Nikita Khanna

28. IT Rules 2021 and the Challenge faced by Social Media Platforms By- Nikhil S. Javali & Pratikshya Mohanty

29. Wrongful Convictions: How can the State undo the Harm By- Jahnvi Sharma & Swaranjali Kapoor

30. Animal Rights in India: An Overview By- Priya Kumari

31. The Importance of Good Corporate Governance in Crisis Management: A Study of the Tylenol Crisis of 1982 By- Sweta Maiti

32. A Critical Analysis of the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961 By- Arzoo Singh

33. Role of Constitutional Institutions in Taming Down Misuse of Article 356 By- Aryan Birewar

34. Delegated Legislation and its Impact on Future Prospects By- Arpita Tripathy & Satabdi Gupta

35. Bertillon System: Past and Present By- Nishtha Sharma

36. Precedent: A Study By- Veer Arora

37. The Active Role of Judiciary in Administrative Actions By- Sonakshi Chinda & Kirti Lal

38. Role of Judiciary in Upholding Gender Equality in Muslim Laws By- Nilanjana Banerjee

39. Private Defence in India By- Bhanu Pant & Chetna Jain

40. Analyzing the Scope of Jurisdictional Immunity of the State and its Diplomats Through the Provisions of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the 2004 Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Properties By- B. Anirudh Krishna Reddy

41. Arbitration Agreement in India By- Prithiv Raj Sahu

42. Tactical Marketing based on Browser History By- Aradhya Srivastava & Vivek Raj

43. Right to Travel Abroad in Lieu of SC Verdict in Satish Chandra Verma v. Union of India By- Hitesh Malik

44. Issues Encompassing the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Amendment 2020 and Section 10A: An Overview By- Parishkar Shreshth