1. Public Policy Vis-a-Vis Arbitration Law in India By- Vaasyati Chiran Bezbaruah

2. The Enigmatic Cryptocurrency By- Sarthak Sharma

3. Lifting the veil of AI and its Application in the Indian Judiciary By- Ananya Thapliyal & Jahanavi Dimri

4. Abuse of Rape Laws: A Menace Ought to be Controlled By- Anushka Singh

5. Section 3 of Transfer of Property Act, 1822 & Doctrine of Fixtures By- Oishi Sen

6. Deciphering 'Liberty' under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution By- Karan Garewal

7. Be The Voice they Wish they had; Make the Choice they wish they could By- Anshika Narang & Riya Soni

8. Copyright Protection during Covid-19 By- Nishtha Sharma

9. Cryptocurrency Thrown into the Legal Cauldron: Exploring Ways Forward By- Pulkit Goyal & Tanisha Banerjee

10. Defamation in Cyber Space By- Sagrika Garg

11. Media and Judiciary: Need for Balance By- Pritika Nagpal

12. Concept of ADR through Technology in the face of Covid-19 By- Rakhi Dhamija & Gunit Shah

13. Right to Die with Dignity: A Humane Facet of Article 21 By- Nikhila Katupalli

14. The Model Tenancy Act By- Ujjaini Borthakur

15. Case Analysis on Asset Reconstruction Company v. Bishal Jaiswal &Anr. 2021 SCC OnLine SC 321 By- Shashwat Shekhar

16. Nepotism is Everywhere By- Neha Tripti

17. Medical Negligence: A Path towards Frivolous LawSuits? By- Suvansh Majmudar

18. The Devilish Act: Dowry Death by Burning By- Indu

19. Preamble: The Soul of our Constitution By- Abhishek Bhardwaj

20. Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act: Giving New Perspective to the Valley By-  Naina Mathur & Mahima Dixit

21. Right to Work in India: Constitutional Aspect and Applicability in Current Times By- Prateek 

22. Devaluation of Human Rights at Global Level By- Deepak Kumar Chaurasia

23. Compatibility of Whatsapp Chats & Emails as Evidence By- Ruchita Yadav

24. An Overview to Every Aspect of Sexual Offences under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 By- Harshita Agarwal

25. Section 362 CrPC: An Embargo on the Order of Maintenance under Section 125 or Not? By- Akanksha Pandey

26. Indian Society on Domestic Violence: The Rise in Domestic Violence during Covid-19 Pandemic By- Nirzana Banikya

27. Raising Awareness Against LGBT Bullying By- Harshpreet Kaur & Vriddhi Bhatt

28. Critical Analysis of Euthanasia in India By- Vidhika Kapoor

29. Law of Standard Form Contract By- Shashwat Shekhar

30. An Analysis of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 By- Kajal Kanojia

31. Right to Dissent v. Right to Disintegrate: The Draconian Law of Sedition in Contemporary India By- Yash Jain & Ayushi Dubey

32. An Overview of Mala In Se Crime and Mala Prohibita Crime in Nepal By- Bishal Bijgain

33. How Prenuptial Agreements Are Beneficial For Both Men And Women In Today's Era By- Sanhita Pandey

34. Child Welfare Committee: Procedures, Powers and Functions By- Nivedita Singh

35. Assessment of Sting Operation in India: An Integral Part of Media Trials in 21st Century By- Gunjan Aggarwal & Alisha Singh

36. Unjustified Uncertainties in Arbitration: Roots and Potential Solutions By- Shivangi Mishra

37. Case Analysis: Virsa Singh v. State of Punjab By- Divisha Srivastava

38. Justice of Future: Artificial Intelligence and Judiciary By- Dilsha A.U.

39. Critical Analysis: Indemnity Contracts & Guarantee Contracts By- Purushraj Patnaik

40. Legal Diversity By- Shubh Maheshwari

41. Right to Life and Oxygen during Covid-19 By- Abhijeet Nandi

42. Trial of Summons Cases by Magistrate By- Lovepreet Kaur

43. Corporate Frauds: Issues and Challenges By- Parkash Choudhary & Muskan Chhabra

44. Copyright in Sports: Are Sports Moves Copyrightable? By- Amogh Srinivas Rao

45. Tackling Third-Party Fraud in Digital India: Suggesting a Way forward By- Bakhshind Singh & Aryaman Vachher

46. Misuse of Section 498A of Indian Penal Code, 1860 with Reference to other Countries By- Ashutosh Pal

47. Decriminalization of Corporate Crimes in India: A Critical Examination under Companies Amendment Bill, 2020 By- Ayush Patria

48. A Comparative Study of Public Trust Doctrine in India and USA By- Apuroopa Seemakurthi

49. Acceleration of Legal Literacy through Social Media By- Anshita Naidu & Jahanvi Jain

50. Witness Protection in India By- Jaspreet Kaur

51. Child Sexual Abuse in India: The Laws and the Flaws By- Deepali Padhy

52. Abortion Laws in India: Blessing or Curse By- Aashdeep Kaur

53. Legislative Analysis of The Citizenship Act 1955 By- Sejal Tiwari

54. A Critical Study on the Rights of Arrested and Accused Person By- Tania Sharma

55. Section 56 of Indian Contract Act and its Implications in the times of Covid-19 By- Sarthak Chaudhary & Riya Chandra

56. Airstrikes: An Analysis through Austin's Theory of Command By- Rishi Nandy

57. Analysis of Press and Media Regulations in India By- Neha Mohanty

58. Marriageable Age of Women in India By- Muskan Jain

59. The Legal Recognition of Single Motherhood in India By- Muskan Bansal

60. Critical Analysis of Provisions for Cost and Limitation under CPC By- Rahul Sodhi

61. Human Trafficking is not only an injustice to the Victim, but it is an injustice to the families and friends of that victim By- Bhavesh Kaul, Riya Soni & Prakhyat Solanki

62. Concept of Defamation with a Critical Analysis of Subramanian Swamy's Case By- Bhawna Shah & Divya Verma

63. Information as Public Good By- Paras Nath Mishra

64. Contemporary & Challenging issues on Refugees & Internally Displaced By- Tanvi Jain, Sagrika Garg & Pratham Jain

65. Legislative Analysis on Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 2016 By- Nandini Verma

66. Women's Rights with Reference to International Approach By- Shivam Tiwary

67. Marital Rape: A Heinous Crime still Legalised in India By- Hridhima Biswas

68. Homosexuality and Laws in India By- Dhruv Kapoor

69. Influence of AI over Legal Profession By- Anshika Gupta

70. The Doctrine of Good Faith in Indian Contracts: Indispensable but Ignored By- Ramyani Bhattacharya

71. Reformative Theory and Rape Convicts By- Vaishali Bansal

72. Amazon, Flipkart v. CCI, 2020: A Turning Point for Anti Trust Cases in India By- Divyanshi Singhal & Ekta Agarwal

73. Health Care About Prisoners By- Aniket Saluja & Gunita Jhamb

74. Case Comment on Kehar Singh & Ors. v. State By- Nishtha Mittal

75. Analysis of Adoption Law's under Family Law By- Sini Sunny

76. The Legal Status of Illegal Immigrants under International Law By- Pritee Dey

77. Evolving Jurisprudence of Data Privacy: An India Context By- Adv. Vanya Diwan

78. The Concept of Mental Cruelty as a Ground of Divorce By- Victoriya Gupta

79. Right to Privacy: A Public Debate By- Shrey Singh

80. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 By- Ujjwal Raj

81. Reservation- A Threat to India's Future: Critical Analysis By- Prabhat Tyagi 

82. Air Pollution in India: Assessing the Role of National Green Tribunal By- Anish Mahapatra & Ishaan Michael

83. Revisiting the Rights of Prisoners in India By- Sristhi Chauhan

84. Reservation Policy in India By- Aarki Singh

85. Contingency Fee: Should a Contract Based on the Outcome of the Case be Legalized in India? By- Bhuvneshwari Rathore

86. Curse of Child Marriages in India By- Vineet Singh


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