VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 2 - 2020

1. Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Economic Growth By- Advocate Reet Singh
35. Do“Unruly” Passengers Deserve Procedural Justice in India? By- S. Kushi
36. Covid-19- A Visual Guide to Outbreak By- Shivaansh Singh
37. Consumer Protection And Its Awareness By- Aryan Sinha
38. Burden Sharing In Contemporary Times Of Refugee Movements- A Synthesis Of International Cooperation And Refugee Protection By- Anushka Ghosh
39. Is Period Leave Policy For Women Constitutional? By- Sushree Ava
44. Islamophobia: Formed Or Created? By- Areeb Ahsan
45. Understanding the Legitimateness of International Law on Touchstone of Principles of Various Legal Jurists By- Rohan Samar and Shikhar Bhardwaj
46. Surrogacy Laws of India: A Bliss or Curse By- Bhumani Tyagi and Diksha Chouhan
47. Disciplinary Proceedings By- Vasavi LS
48. A Step Towards Advancement of Indian Judiciary Through Information and Technology By- Sakshi Soni & Prachi Mishra
50. Virtual Courts: The New Normal? By- Swati Singh & Subodh Singh
51. Ombudsman: The Armor of Fair Business By- Biswajit Dash
52. Domestic Violence: Unfolding The Dark Chapter of Women’s Lives! By- Smriti Agrawal And Priyanshu Parashar
54. Brutality Over Humanity: Police Violence, Weak Laws And Allied Issues By- Nosheen Ali
55. Human Rights in India: An Analysis By- Yashpriya Sahran
56. Indian Hotel Association (Ahar) and Anr vs. State of Maharashtra And Ors. [Air 2019] By- Syed Saad Anwar And Aziz Sayeeda
57. Demystifying The Journey of Surrogacy Laws in India: Surrogate Motherhood on The Anvil? By- Manisha Arora & Sanjeevani Dixit

58. Trademarks and Its Impact on The Growth of Businesses Based on Environmental Sustainability By- Snehashish Bhattacharya & Darshan Pal Singh

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