VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 1 - 2020

  1.  Green Crimes in the Forest of Kaziranga, Assam By- Adv Jayanta Boruah & Adv Namrata Chakrabarty
  2. Critical Analysis of Arrest and Magisterial Powers By-Aayush Akar And Hitesh Gangwani
  3. Pro-note Executed In Non Judicial Stamp is Valid By-R. Ram Prakash
  4. The Nondelegation Doctrine: Justice Scalia’s Jurisprudence Through The Lens Of Mistretta V. U.S.A. And Whitman V. American Trucking Association By- Juhi Senguttuvan 
  5. Honor Killing Is Not About Honor By- Prasoon Kumar
  6. Relation Between Two Neighbouring Countries: India And China By- Suryapratap Singh Jodha 
  7. Analysing The Anti Defection Law In India: From Drama To Dilemma By-Rohit Jain
  8. Judicial Activism And Controversies Under Sections Of NDPS Act By- Pranay Golchha
  9. Regulation Of E-pharmacies: An Analytical Study Of Existence And Evolution By-Harshita Kakar & Rajveer Gurdatta
  10. Debunking Taboos in India An Analysis of the Fourth Wave Feminist Movement By- Pritika Negi
  11. Right To Education: Causes And Consequences-a Comparative Study By- Gauri Dua
  12. Paraya Dhan The Menace Of Sex Selective Childbirth By- Jagrit Verma
  13. Effect of COVID-19 on Economy and Business Around the Globe By-Shilpee Ghosh & Shourya Garg
  14. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: A Work in Progress By- Dhruv Gupta
  15. Drugs, Law and Society By- Iqra Taufique
  16. Behind The Four Walls: Domestic Violence a Horrifying Aspect of Lockdown By- Abhishek Tripathi & Awantika
  17. Contribution of NGT in Environment Protection By-Tanya Kaushal
  18. Kingfisher an Analysis of Fallen Kingdom By- Bobbala Jyothirmai
  19. Case Study on TIPS V. WYNK By- Mahima Khandelwal
  20. Rights of Christian Women Post-Divorce By-Pulkit Taneja
  21. Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA) By- Varun Vikas Srivastav and Nishtha Kheria
  22. Gender Neutralizing Sexual Harassment Laws in India– Need of The Hour By-Sanjana Kulkarni & Shrirang Ashtaputre
  23. Ban on E-cigarettes and The Road Ahead for E-cigarettes Patent Applications By-Saloni Maheshwari
  24. Fast And Speedy Trials Of The Court By- Vincy Chanchal
  25. Cementing The Notion of Social Justice by Adopting Constitutional Values By- Riya & Neelaksh 
  26. Justice To The Killer Too, A Revisiting The Infamous Poison Injection Case By-Ram Prakash R
  27. Women in the Indian Judiciary: Transitioning from the present into the future By-Rishit Vimadalal
  28. Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2019: A Legislation For Free Reproductory Labour and Violation Of Rights By- Shruti Madhogaria
  29. Shackled Reproduction: A Comparative Constitutional Analysis of Reproductive Rights in India and The World By-Aishwarya Vashishth

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